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How We Were Founded & More

Many of us are unaware of the astounding number of victims who have suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The effects often require long term rehabilitation treatment. Watch the three clips below to see how New Beginnings was founded. See how one family’s tragedy is becoming a triumph for others.

Behind each TBI patient there is a family in shock, confused and not knowing which way to turn.

This video shows that knowledge is power and where there is help there is hope. TBI is a long journey but being involved and part of your loved one's everyday recovery is not only a healing process for them but for you as well. Remember you're never alone.

Video #1/3 - Al Barone: A True Survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury

Al Barone is a vibrant man whose life was forever altered by a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, there are many stories of victims who have had to start their lives over after suffering from a brain injury. Learning to walk, talk and feed themselves are just a few of the steps to a New Beginning.

Video #2/3 - Traumatic Brain Injury: Support for Victims and Families

Hear the personal stories of the survivors and their families. See how support is imperative for both the victims and their loved ones. New Beginnings will help educate families on overcoming daily obstacles. But most importantly, it will offer comfort and understanding during the recovery process.

Video #3/3 - Inclusive Rehabilitation Services at One Location

New Beginnings will offer services such as Aqua Therapy, a structured day program, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy. However, our greatest accomplishment will be sharing the inspirational stories that give continuous hope to all.