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Our Affiliates

The Wolf Law Group, P.C.

The reason The Wolf Law Group, P.C. ("WLG") has become part of the "New Beginnings" team is because of the close relationship of WLG's founder, Jerry Wolf, with the Barone family patriarch, Al Barone. Al's motorcycle accident which occurred in January of 2007, and its aftermath of trauma, terror and tribulations for Al and his family, inspired his daughter Allyson to help other victims and their family members, suffering from TBI. Allyson's herculean effort to create something good and noble from her family tragedy has inspired all of us at WLG. Therefore it is our goal as lawyers and counselors, to assist the members of the New Beginnings community to navigate the legal hurdles and seize the opportunities provided by the law in order to benefit TBI victims and their families. Read more about The Wolf Law Group.


Best wishes from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to all attending the Veteran's Day Gala.